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My name is Sherri Silverstein and I am the founder and principal of All About Organizing, Inc. You might be asking yourself what that means? I’ll tell you but first let me give you some background on myself.

I have my BSBA from Northeastern University in Management. Over the years, I worked for and managed departments for companies with time sensitivity at the forefront of those departments. I’ve always been extremely organized in both my personal and professional life and thought I would put my talent to use.

Over the past several years I have been working primarily as a substitute teacher and tutor and found the complaints I hear most from parents is their children are disorganized, have trouble staying on task and often feel overwhelmed. Knowing this is one of my strengths I spent several months training with a Coach, learning how to coach and organize individuals with AD/HD. At the end of the training, I received my ADHD Professional Coach Designation by completing the ADHD Coach Training Program through ADD Insights, LLC.

What sets me apart from other coaches and organizers is that I live with three people who are all AD/HD. Over the years I have learned how to help them become more successful and can do the same for you or someone in your life.

Let’s face it; we live in a society that moves at a sometimes-frenzied pace. Even those of us who are not AD/HD sometimes need a little help staying on track. Imagine what it is like for someone who, because of their AD/HD, often feels overwhelmed, or how they feel when they are not able to find a set of keys, a school assignment, really, just about anything.

I have worked with children; adolescents and adults in helping them take a step back, and break tasks in to a manageable size so that they do not feel helpless and as if they are not able to do anything right. I have strategies that, if used consistently become habit, creating a more positive environment for the individual allowing them to see what they truly are capable of doing.


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